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Providing Affordable Roofing Services including Roof Replacement & Repairs in Florida Since 1996

The experienced team at CHARLIE’S ROOFING understands the importance of roof maintenance and the need for timely roof leak repair. Whether you’re seeking residential roofing solutions or commercial roofing services in Florida, our experts are well-versed in roof replacement, roof shingles repair, and roof waterproofing. When customers trust us with their roofing needs, they can expect high-quality results at budget-friendly rates.

Residenctial Roofing
Residential Roofing
Acquiring a home stands as a monumental and paramount investment that holds a significant place in your life’s financial decisions. Consequently, it’s entirely rational to prioritize the security, safety, and durability of your residence. At the core of this equation lies the indispensable factor of a well-executed roof installation. Whether you require roof repair, a complete roof replacement, or are embarking on the construction of a fresh dwelling, Charlie’s Roofing is primed to offer cost-effective and punctual solutions.
commercial roofing service
Commercial Roofing
Charlie’s Roofing, an expert in commercial roofing, is the favored choice for complete roofing services in both TAMPA and JACKSONVILLE. Our special premium NDL warranties set us apart from other roofers, ensuring your company’s confidence in our capable hands. Our diligent and swift work approach minimizes disruptions to your business during the construction process. Investing in a quality roof is valuable, and we’re dedicated to maximizing the returns for your money and property.
Roof shingles
Asphalt and Shingles Roof

Asphalt shingles are a prevalent choice for roofing material, and for a compelling reason. They are cost-effective, straightforward to install, durable, and available in a diverse array of colors and styles. Charlie’s Roofing specializes in roof shingles repair, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your roof shingles.

Tile Roof
Tile Roof

Clay tile roofing is renowned for its durability, energy efficiency, fire and wind resistance, and captivating aesthetics. As experience roofing contractor, we specialize in tile roof repair, ensuring that homes retain their timeless appeal and protective qualities. Whether you’re seeking repair for clay tile roofing, Charlie’s Roofing is your go-to expert.

metal roof
Metal Roof

Metal roofs stand out for their immense durability, low maintenance, and eco-friendly nature. Modern metal roofing can be crafted to mimic the appearance of materials like shingles or tiles. As a leading roofing company, Charlie’s Roofing is proficient in metal roof repair, ensuring your home is always protected. With fireproof properties, metal roofing not only safeguards your property but also elevates its value and curb appeal.

flat roof
Flat Roof

Flat roofs are not only sleek and modern in their aesthetic appeal but also offer a wealth of interior design opportunities. As a popular and affordable choice, flat roofs are made from a variety of materials, tailored to fit individual needs and preferences. Charlie’s Roofing is your trusted partner in ensuring the best selection and installation of these materials. We specialize in flat roof repair, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and professionally.

Since 1996, Charlie’s Roofing has been the trusted choice among local roofing companies in Florida, offering impeccable roof replacement, roof maintenance, roof leak repair, and emergency roof repair services. Our dedication to delivering top-tier roofing solutions is driven by an understanding of the crucial role a well-constructed roof plays in both enhancing property value and ensuring the safety of its occupants.

Florida’s dynamic weather, from its relentless sun to unpredictable storms, spares no one, be it residential or commercial properties. It underscores the importance of having a roof that can stand tall against extreme temperature fluctuations and the harshest of weather conditions. This is where our expertise comes in. With over five decades of experience under our belt, homeowners across Tampa, its neighboring regions, and Jacksonville have relied on us for their roofing needs.

Roof repair services
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  • Charlie’s Roofing did a GREAT job replacing our roof. The entire process was fast, seamless and stress free. The price was great, and we appreciated their honesty and professionalism too. We had a hardworking crew, who were all very nice, as was the knowledgeable supervisor. Highly recommend them.
    — Janine
  • I highly recommend this company. They have been nothing less than wonderful and made it so easy to work with them! Dave is the main one I worked with and he made everything stress free for me! Highly recommend them!
    — Stephanie Dejesus
  • We had such an excellent experience with Charlie’s Roofing & Waterproofing. From our initial estimate and conference about the process to the finished product. All was delivered as promised, when promised and with no concerns or complications. Thank you for providing us with the security we now have with our new roof. We will happily recommend you to anyone needing roof re-do or repair.
    — Cheryl Ayres
  • I’m so happy we decided to go with Charlie’s. Everything from the estimate to the install was done professionally and one of the best experiences with a contractor I’ve ever had in Pienllas. Great value! They work SO hard!
    — Nicole Bray
  • My roof was installed in one day. A very small patch needed to be installed a day later only because they ran out of shingles. The crew cleaned up the site very well.
    We had great communication throughout the process. Easy peasy. Great job.

    — Maria Rosario
  • Timely efficient and responsive. Took care and respectful of surroundings. James the project manager was awesome.
    — Karen Stumpff
  • We were given all the roof samples we needed to make a decision on the color. Salesman was very patient. They took care of all paperwork needed to complete the job. We’re very happy. Great job!
    — Karen D
  • I was skeptical using a company I knew nothing about other than a neighbors referral, but I am glad I was introduced to Charlie’s Roofing. We had both hail and wind damage that I did not identify and thru the inspection process we started a claim with our insurance company. Charlie’s Roofing took it from there and soon we had repaired (8) sheets of plywood damage and new shingles. The Field Tech was very thorough and the installation crew were friendly and did a fantastic job. Thank You Charlie’s Roofing.
    — Robert Rieger
  • Charlie’s Roofing Company replaced my roof while I was away and I cannot say enough good things about their service. T.hey came when they said they would, replaced the roof , provided me with all the information I needed/asked for and their office staff is one of the best I have ever had to deal with, especially Jenna. She was extremely helpful guiding me through the insurance paper work and giving me all the time that I needed to understand what I needed to do, without making me feel that I was bothering her!! Five stars to your company. Thank you.
    — Deane King

    The team at Charlie’s Roofing provides commercial, industrial, institutional, and single or multi-family residential roofing solutions, repairs, and maintenance services throughout TAMPA area and JACKSONVILLE area.

    • Reputation: Numerous 5-star Google Reviews.
    • Certification: Designated as a TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor, a symbol of roofing excellence.
    • Promptness: Timely service delivered to your specific location.
    • Integrity: Our recommendations are always sincere, honest, and thoroughly explained.
    • Resources: Equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to complete any roofing job correctly
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      How do I know if my roof needs replaced?
      Age is a good indicator, if a roof in Florida is 15-20 years old it is likely that the need for replacement is looming. Many roofs have unidentified hail damage that can be claimed on the homeowner’s insurance policy as a covered loss.
      How long should a roof repair last?
      A properly diagnosed and corrected roof repair should last several years. Typically roofs fail due to wind or hail damage, poor installation of or a lack of flashing around penetrations and roof to wall terminations. The roofing materials themselves are not
      Licensed and insured contractor?
      Verify that the roofing contractor is licensed in the state of Florida. Additionally, ensure they have liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage to protect you and their workers during the project.
      Do I need permits for roof replacement?
      In Florida, the permit requirements for roof repairs can vary depending on the extent of the repair work and the specific building codes and regulations in your local jurisdiction. Generally, minor roof repairs that involve only surface repairs or the replacement of a limited number of shingles may not require a permit. However, more extensive roof repair or replacement projects typically do require permits.
      What should be included in a roofing estimate?
      A clearly outlined specification of roofing materials, flashings and all other work that is to be performed. A firm price of payment plan for the work to be performed.
      Is roof drip edge required?
      Yes, it has been a code requirement since 2012 per the International Code Council (ICC) . However, if a home does not have drip edge it is not a good idea to try and add it until you plan on replacing the entire roofing system.
      How long does a 30 year roof really last?
      Roofing materials in Florida rarely run the course of their lifespan due to excessive heat and other weather conditions such as wind and hail storms.
      Does new roof lower insurance?
      Yes, many roofing materials qualify for an insurance reduction due to the impact resistance rating of the product.
      Is it OK to reroof over old shingles?
      It is approved by the International Code Council (ICC) to allow for 2 layers of roofing maximum. BUT, it is not recommended by our company because it does not allow for the inspection of the roof deck and flashings that remain under the initial roofing layer.
      Will a new roof increase the appraisal value?
      YES! we have received many testimonials from clients that have experienced a higher valuation on their homes doe to a new roof. Metal roofing seems to bring the largest increase in a home’s value however, there are designer series composition shingles that can have the same impact on the homes curb appeal and valuation.
      Can I claim roof damage on insurance?
      Yes, homeowners’ insurance policies cover roofs that have incurred wind or hail damage. If you have any concerns contact us to come out and we can perform an inspection that will determine if a claim warranted.
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      Instant Roof Quote